Mays Ladies UniteMy three daughters, “Mays Ladies Unite”, 38″ X 34″, on display in South Carolina through April 2019.

Welcome to Conaky’s Quilt Company. I’m so blessed that you decided to stop by and check out my work. I’m passionate about my art quilts and I try to learn something new every day! I was recently asked when I started sewing. I remember hand-sewing a Barbie doll dress from a fringed lavender colored chenille blanket. It wasn’t very good. My auntie who was visiting from Pennsylvania made a less-than-friendly observation about it, but I didn’t care! Fast forward to the 70’s where I took Home-Economics at Thompson Junior High School in Newport, Rhode Island. I was taught to sew an apron and a bag that had to be turned inside out. Over the years I learned how to embroider, which I used to love, but now I find it to be time consuming. I’ve been making quilt art consistently for the past four years and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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